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"WiFi Plus" is a premier version of "WiFi Get Free". It is designed for iPhone/iPad/iPod users to find and connect to the nearest WiFi hotspot whether they are offline or online. It is a great Hotspot Finder with 100,000 Free WiFi locations pre-installed for you. Download the app from AppStore now.


✧ Hotspot Search - Easy, Flexible
* Online Database with over 150,000 Free or Paid locations
* Easy to use search options: search by current location , address, and city
* Offline Search

✧ Community Collaboration - Sharing, Growing
* Users discover and share new locations
* Users report changes on existing hotspots

We are maintaining one of the largest Free WiFi Hotspots databse in the world. We are updating our Offline database on a regularly basis.
This app comes with a pre-install Offline database for over 100,000 Free WiFi hotspots. 
You can search the offline database by your current position or by a city.  So even your iPhone/iPod/iPad do not come with a GPS, you still can find hotspots near the location you want. When online, you are able to get the latest hotspot information and update the offline database.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email We appreciate and welcome any feedback.