Products >> WiFi Get Free >> Original WiFi Get is no longer available from AppStore

On March 3rd, 2010, Apple made a decision to remove all the apps with WiFi scanning function from AppStore, that includes our very popular "WiFiGet", "WiFiGet Plus" and half dozes apps from other developers. Apple believes these apps are using private APIs and "The use of private APIs is not allowed...". These WiFi apps have been very popular in the appStore because they are so useful for iPhone/iPod users to look for a better Internet connection. They are the apps to make iPhone better. We hope Apple will change its policy in the furture to make its platform more open.

In the mean time, we would like to remind our WiFiGet users that our software has other great services. Our online hotspot directory has grown rapidly to cover more than 120,000 locations world wide, and we are adding 1000 locations each day. We will continue providing the hotspot searching service to our existing users, and we will release a new stripped version to AppStore soon for new users to find WiFi locations easily. The new app will still have WiFiGet hotspot search feature, but will not include WiFi scanning function in order to comply with Apple policy. We will develop the full version of WiFiGet app on other mobile platforms that do not have these restrictions.



WiFiGet Team