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We have created WiFiGet Free, the ultimate tool for iPad/iPhone/iPod users to find  WiFi networks.  Download the app from AppStore now.

WiFiGet is a powerful WiFi Hotspot Finder. It comes with following features:

✧ Hotspot Search - Easy, Flexible
* Covers over 100,000 Free WiFi locations worldwide
* Provides easy to use search options: by current location, address, and city
* Provides offline search capabilities
* Updates online databases daily 
✧ Community Collaboration - Sharing, Growing
* Users discover and share new locations 
* Users update existing hotspots

WiFiGet allows you to search the WiFiGet Hotspot Directory for free or paid hotspots both nearby or near any other given address. This directory is updated daily based on user inputs. Users who discover hotspots not in the directory can contribute to the directory by submitting new locations using the "Add Hotspot" function. These new locations are then shared with other WiFiGet users. As search results are saved to an offline database, users can access data when they are offline, a great feature for iPod users.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at We appreciate and welcome any feedback.